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ZOJJED! (pronounced Zoh-jjed) AVAILABLE NOW

Zojjed is the tale of Alex and Dave, two college students who find themselves in the middle of world-changing events. Alex interns in China, where she helps develop a web site for the Chinese government. The application is like a Napster on steroids and is an extension of China's ambivalence towards intellectual property and could potentially destroy the already fragile relationship between the two world powers.

Dave interns in Petra, an ancient ruin outside of Jordan. He takes part in a dig uncovering an artifact that challenges the fundamental beliefs of several world religions. His colleague, Professor Donato Piceni, must authenticate the artifact's revelations - a process that earns him animosity and potential threats from Rome to Philadelphia.

When  Alex finds that her aunt is the victim of a large-scale attack on Internet banking and other forms of e-commerce, her efforts to investigate lead to another discovery - one that is both shocking and frightening.

Is it possible that the same events that changed the lives of Alex, Dave, and Donato will bring the world crashing down around them?

Read Zojjed and find out.  Now Available at  www.amazon.com.

About the Author

Jeff Salvage pursues his interests - photography, computer technology, and the outdoors - with a focus and intensity that can only be described as passionate. After publishing numerous computer text books; instructional books, DVDs, and videos about race walking; as well as a book on the U.S. government, Jeff Salvage has turned his efforts to fiction. Zojjed is his first novel.

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